Introduction to iTunes – A Beginners Guide 3


Introduction to iTunes – A Beginners Guide


Following in the series of introducing new users to various parts of the operating system, todays topic is iTunes. I love iTunes. I think it is one of the best music playing applications out there. For any new users to a Mac or even the app this guide will hopefully show you a couple of places on the web which can be useful pointers to increasing your knowledge. This post will be split into the usual four sections, in the App, Online, in a book and in store.

In The App

The help within iTunes isn’t that brilliant. I have seen lot better implementations of a help system. However as a first port of call it may be useful. You get the help system by going to Help > iTunes. As with all help options in the Leopard operating system, if you start typing in the search box it can point you in the right direction of the menu item you may be looking for.


There are hundreds of web pages online. iTunes is a really popular program, as a result there is help guides for pretty much every aspect of the program. The first place I recommend you check out is the offical help site over at Apple. You have the main support site, plus two different Mac 101 guides, second one is here. Finally there is the New Users Guide, which is a good place to check out.

As well as the offical guides over at Apple. There is some cracking guides on Although the site isn’t that detailed there is lots of guides. A similar type of site is one of my favourites, iLounge.

The final place to look is on this site. I have an ever growing category of iTunes related hacks. I recommend you check it out every so often to see if anything has been added.

If you are still stuck on any part of using iTunes, the best way is to head over to Google. Type in your problem and there should be hundreds of results which can help you on your way.

In A Book

As is usual with a popular application or hardware there are hundreds of books accompanying it. In this case there is four different books all on a similar theme. All of them are bundled for use with an iPod, so you are getting two books in one effectively. The one I recommend is iPod & iTunes For Dummies, they offer a great series and this one offers the same type of information found in the previous books. Others include The Missing Manual, How to Do Everything and The Pocket Guide. Each book will probably help you on your way to getting up to speed with iTunes.

In Store

Since iTunes is a major selling point of the Mac and the iLife system, there is tutorial and workshops within any Apple Store. As well as this all staff probably know loads on the app and can help you along your way.

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