Limiting Bandwidth With A Simple App 1


Limiting Bandwidth With A Simple App


If you are a subscriber of this blog (you should be!), I mentioned about throttling bandwidth using Terminal. This trick was designed so certain ports would be throttled at different speeds. As a result you could manage how much each type of service could get. That trick used Terminal, since many people are not comfortable using Terminal I found a simple app that does exactly the same thing.

This simple app is called SpeedLimit. It has a simple interface designed to replace the Terminal commands featured previously. In this app you can set a port, hosts (such as websites), a delay and the speed at which it can run. It runs in the System Preferences as a preference pane, which makes it super easy to set up and maintain.

Overall this app is brill. It takes all of the hassle out of using the Terminal command. The one and only major problem with this program is that you can only set it to specific speeds set in the drop down lists. This are usually too limiting, as a result you don’t have the full control which you might expect such an app to contain.

Its useful for its purpose however the one draw back really spoils what would be a great app.

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