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Make Your Own iPhone Interface Mockup


I hope you had a happy Easter holiday, I had a fun time doing nothing, while eating a lot of chocolate. Anyway, I found this while I was happily surfing the web. Its a Photoshop file which you can use to make a very detailed and realistic mockup of the iPhone’s interface.

You can find the file here, over at teehan+lax. Download the psd file. It contains many layers all which you can use to build your own iPhone on your computer.

You need to find the specific layers which each element is on. You can change the iPhones background, show the keyboard, change the time and a whole manner of other things. If you want to do a mock up for a website for some one in your business, this is probably a lot easier than trying to do it any other way.

Have a play around with the Photoshop file. See what you can come up with. Well done to the author who must have spent ages making that file.

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