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Auto-Completion Of Words 11


Auto-Completion Of Words

Just a quick tip this evening, which I may have mentioned before (I can’t find the post if I have). Its a very simple and quick way to complete words using any Cocoa apps such as TextEdit and Mail to name a few. Although I don’t find it that useful for completing words, it is great to help you find spellings to long and complicated words that you may not know.

Randomly Display Email Signatures 0


Randomly Display Email Signatures

I send a lot of emails. Most of the time I am in Mail reading and responding to emails. Each email I send will have a signature saying thanks and my name, plus my website if needed. This saves me a lot of time and enables my emails to look a bit more professional. Randomly, I found a nifty little trick in which you can have a different signature each time you compose a new mail message. If you want to add a bit of laughter to your emails, this is the perfect place to put a random quote.

TimeBoxed – A Simple Fun Timer 2


TimeBoxed – A Simple Fun Timer

I like using various different timers to make sure I get as much done in the shortest amount of time. One cool application that I have been playing around with is calledTimeBoxed . Its a very simple application that enables you to set up some simple timers. Great for practically anything. As well as this it is also very expandable enabling you to insertAppleScripts, more about this later.

Bulk Edit Address Book Contacts 3


Bulk Edit Address Book Contacts

This tip comes inspired from my friend who likes to do everything the long winded way. I like quick short methods that get the job done. If you haven’t guessed by the title this is a really quick method for changing lots of Address Book contacts. Its slightly long winded but if a lot quicker than typing the results by hand. You can’t actually do this in Address Book, so we need to employ a second program, a text editor.

Tweetie – The Best Twitter App For Mac 6


Tweetie – The Best Twitter App For Mac

I love Twitter, its a really good way to interact with people all over the world. If you are a Twitter user please follow me. For a long while I have been using Twitterific, it was perfect for what I need. However I heard some good things about Tweetie and I decided to give it a try. From my very limited testing, I am really impressed with just how good the app is, I may continue using for sometime.

What Happening On The Site 2


What Happening On The Site

This is just a short post to keep you up to speed with what I am personally doing regarding to this site. If you don’t follow my Twitter feed, I am currently at crunch point at my first year at Uni (one year all ready, WOW). In the next 4 weeks I am having my final year exams, which I need to pass. As a result this blog will have to take a back seat.

Manipulating Text Using Services 5


Manipulating Text Using Services

The Services menu is like a super car disguised as a town car, its got a lot of power in the hood yet not many people know or use it. Quite a while ago I mentioned about inserting the date and time using this method. Today I am going to point out and show you a couple of cool tricks which you can use to manipulate text. I have started to use this option quite frequently and is proving very useful.

Keeping Your Screen Saver Running 1


Keeping Your Screen Saver Running

This is a cool little trick that I have been using over the last couple of days. If your screensaver like mine displays a clock, it can be really useful to keep the screensaver running over a period of time. Although you could set the setting of the screensaver from turning off this doesn’t help if you want to use any energy saver options in this energy conscious world.

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