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Randomly Display Email Signatures


I send a lot of emails. Most of the time I am in Mail reading and responding to emails. Each email I send will have a signature saying thanks and my name, plus my website if needed. This saves me a lot of time and enables my emails to look a bit more professional. Randomly, I found a nifty little trick in which you can have a different signature each time you compose a new mail message. If you want to add a bit of laughter to your emails, this is the perfect place to put a random quote.

Setting random signatures is easy. Open up Mail’s preferences and select Signatures, if you haven’t already added a signature press the + button. Give it a name. In the corresponding box you can add your text. If you don’t no many quotes, or want practically every one ever said, head over to wikiquote. Type what ever text you want into the box. Repeat the process for as many quotes as you see fit.

At the bottom you will be able to set which signature you want to see. I usually set it to mu Mac one, however if you select Random, it will automatically pick one for you. This gives you a random quote each time. Very fun. In any Mail message you can then select a signature, using the signature drop down if you don’t think the one you have picked is appropriate.

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