TimeBoxed – A Simple Fun Timer 2


TimeBoxed – A Simple Fun Timer


I like using various different timers to make sure I get as much done in the shortest amount of time. One cool application that I have been playing around with is called TimeBoxed. Its a very simple application that enables you to set up some simple timers. Great for practically anything. As well as this it is also very expandable enabling you to insert AppleScripts, more about this later.

The application, as with many apps on the Mac, is very simple to use. The main interface comprises of a simple palette with a moving bar. This bar will slowly (or quickly) increase depending on how long you have set the timer to run. The bar moves from green to red as the time slowly elapses.

Anybody can create a timer. But TimeBoxed takes it a step further. There are lots of smaller, hidden features that allow you to customize and make your timing experience better. For instance it can interact with Growl, to give you popup messages. You can also make it speak a sentence or phrase when timing has finished. This is quite comical if you forget you have set the timer.

One of the “big” features of TimeBoxed is the ability to use AppleScripts. It enables you to take the app a step further. As a result you can make it do a lot more. You can use the Applescripts in two ways. You can etiher set it to run a script at the end. Even better you can actually use Applescript to configure the application itself. Allowing you to set up scripts and run the application. Neat.

With any application, there is a couple of downsides, probably because I complain to much. One problem is the lack of being able to make more than one timer. It will only enable me to make one timer, which isn’t that useful if you want to more than one thing. Another slight problem is interface issues. If you set it to do everything when a Timer is finished it tends to slow down and have a couple of problems with the interface of the program, since it hovers above everything this can be quite annoying.

Its a good all round app. It only costs 10 Euros and is a lot more accurate than counting in your head.

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