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Tweetie – The Best Twitter App For Mac


I love Twitter, its a really good way to interact with people all over the world. If you are a Twitter user please follow me. For a long while I have been using Twitterific, it was perfect for what I need. However I heard some good things about Tweetie and I decided to give it a try. From my very limited testing, I am really impressed with just how good the app is, I may continue using for sometime.

Like most Twitter apps, the focus is on your feed. This is clearly represented within the window of the program. Each tweet is clearly shown in its own little bubble with the authors image accompanying it. Your tweets are on the right with everyone else’s is on the left. Its really clear who’s are who and the conversation.

Tweetie is more than just a way of following your Twitter feed. You can, of course send messages and there are some cool features accompanying that. For instance you can add a second, third and a whole number of other accounts into the app. This is great. If you have more than two accounts it can become difficult, to manage and post too both.  Tweetie lets you do this, the secondary accounts are signified by the logos below the main features on the left hand side.

One other cool feature is the ability to have threaded direct messages. I don’t really use direct messages, however if you ever get into a conversation with someone it will show a threaded conversation. This is very similar to iChat and the iPhone SMS interface. It allows you to see what has happened within the conversation in a clear and concise manner.

There are lots of great features to this app. I’m still finding new features and ways of using the program more efficiently. There is a couple of improvements I would like to see in future releases. One being growl support, I liked seeing my Tweets arrive using growl. As well as this I would also like to see the number of new messages in the dock, similar to Mail, there is however a small menu bar item that lights up when a new message is recieved. These two features are present in Twitterific which I think could improve Tweetie.

Check the program out. I think I may continue using the app. Its being great so far, plus really easy to use.

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