What Happening On The Site 2


What Happening On The Site


This is just a short post to keep you up to speed with what I am personally doing regarding to this site. If you don’t follow my Twitter feed, I am currently at crunch point at my first year at Uni (one year all ready, WOW). In the next 4 weeks I am having my final year exams, which I need to pass. As a result this blog will have to take a back seat.

Although I try and post nearly every day, the work load of the day job usually means this is impossible. I do try to make room, but reports don’t write themselves. As a result I have to take the option of doing a post when ever I can, this is usually every two or three days, (good news being today is when I have a free moment to spare). I hope you understand. In 5 weeks time, however, the semester ends and I have nothing to do until September, which means I have a lot of free time. Think of it as a bonus of lots of posts every day. You just have to wait 5 weeks.

In the mean time please be patient. I recommend you subscribe to my RSS feed. This will give you the latest news as soon as it is posted.

If you happen to have a spare moment please check out my advertisers, they keep this site running and allow me to continue to post. One of my favourites at the moment is the super cool coupons ad, although I don’t like to single out adverts, I try to be impartial, I have found some cool deals on there. If you want some reading material in the mean time check out this Smoking Apples yearly ebook. Its a good read for anyone with an iPhone.

In the mean time stay tuned.



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