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Create A Crossword Solver 2


Create A Crossword Solver

This tip was passed onto me, so I decided to share it here. This very small Unix script is designed to solve crossword puzzles. For a person like myself who can’t think of words any longer than four letters (scrabble is a no hope) this little script is very useful if you want to show off or actually complete a crossword. This script will check the Unix database of words and give you possible solutions.

Mac Cheat Sheet 1

Time Machine, Tool

Mac Cheat Sheet

Just a simple post today, but one you shouldn’t take light heatedly. Anyone who ever has a Mac will know that you generate a long list of passwords and other pieces of information when you install or upgrade the operating system. The problem with this is that you usually end up with a sheet of paper that doesn’t make much sense a couple of months later. This is were your Mac Cheat Sheet comes in.

A Site Refresh – A Reason Why 4


A Site Refresh – A Reason Why

If you haven’t noticed I have done a little site refresh, most notably i’ve change around the design. I have cleared all of the caches so the new design should be beamed straight to your desktop. This post is going to be a little reason why I have changed the design and what you can expect from the new design and this site. I hope you enjoy it.

Remove Options From Front Row 1


Remove Options From Front Row

I use Front Row on my Mac every so often. Its a cool way to navigate various Music and Movie files while I’m in bed. The other day I was digging into the source files and folder to see if I could find anything interesting. Most of the files are standard for a Mac app. However I soon came to realize that the various different areas in Front Row, Movies, Music, TV etc are actually plugins. I then wondered if you could remove the to make the screen smaller and simpler, since I never use the TV option. Turns out you can.

Keeping Your Mac Safe From Harm 2


Keeping Your Mac Safe From Harm

Every one wants to keep there Mac safe from harm, whether it be from physical attack, such as it being stolen or from cyber attack from some intent on giving you a bad day. Inspired by the review of WatchMac I did the other day, I was having a look around the Internet for a couple of different ideas on how to keep you Mac safe from yourself and other users. This post will list a couple of different tips and tricks ranging from the simple, to the slightly more complicated.

Safari 4 Tips And Tricks – A Collection 9


Safari 4 Tips And Tricks – A Collection

I’ve been using Safari 4 for the last couple of days and I am quite impressed. I’m a little slow on the uptake to new and improved software, usually because I don’t want to hassle of when things break. For a change I decided to go tips hunting to see what new tips and tricks I could learn for this piece of software. I have complied a list of what I think are useful tips that you can enjoy and use. There are a couple of Terminal tips, which I always like, quite a few I have found out by shear chance. As always if you have a tip you want to share, please leave a comment.

Increase Refresh Time For Folders 0


Increase Refresh Time For Folders

If you have some folder Applescript or Automator work flows attached to a folder you may find out that it takes quite a while for them to begin running. If you are waiting for something to happen, you may be waiting up to three minutes for the action to run. You can change this polling time with a simple Applescript to change the value. This will hopefully speed up the interval in which scripts are executed and allowed to run.

Add Trash To The Sidebar 11


Add Trash To The Sidebar

Today’s handy hint was supplied by my friend and I just had to share it with you. As you may know the Trash folder exists in your dock. This is quite a useful place. You can actually place a link to your Trash folder in the sidebar, which I find is a handy place to work from. This tip is a bit long winded, ands its not a simple solution. However the results are quite useful.

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