A Site Refresh – A Reason Why 4


A Site Refresh – A Reason Why


If you haven’t noticed I have done a little site refresh, most notably i’ve change around the design. I have cleared all of the caches so the new design should be beamed straight to your desktop. This post is going to be a little reason why I have changed the design and what you can expect from the new design and this site. I hope you enjoy it.

Quite a few weeks back, I was looking critically at might site to see how I could improve it. This included taking apart the backend of the site. I noticed as this site started to grow the response and loading time of the site started to suffer. This website design was the first one I had done in WordPress, as a result it wasn’t that well designed. It had a lot of extra code, which wasn’t needed. From the time in which it was built to now I haven’t learnt a lot more about WordPress, as a result I could do a better job.

One of the other reasons for changing the sites designs was regards to the ever growing list of other sites that I am developing and plan to develop. I didn’t want each website to have a different design, as a result I tried to take a simple design which could be slightly changed and worked out across the whole site. I initially found this deign on Theme Forest, it had all of the elements that I wanted in a site, and what I could easily change and work into a unique theme of my own.

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So, the past week or two or labouring in Coda, has come to this new theme. Its lighter on code and images. There is no big banner which you browser has to download. This will save on everyone’s bandwidth. This makes the site quicker to load and response times better, giving you a better browsing experience. Over all its a lot simpler.

As well as code and theme changes, I have removed quite a few of the plugins on this site. As a new WordPress user, I did what everyone does and install every plugin I could find (OK not every one), but I did have quite a few. This, again, slowed the site down. I have removed the ones that really didn’t serve a purpose. A side effect of this is that it is a lot lighter on code and my server doesn’t have to do as much math.

Hopefully you enjoy this new design. It is a radical change from the previous one, but I think its a lot better. Over the next couple of days I will be bug hunting and making sure everything works. If you find any problems please leave a comment in this post so I can solve them as quick as possible.

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