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Add Sub-Folders Easily In Mail


Today’s post idea was originally submitted by Chris, its a rather cool trick he accidentally found when adding new mailboxes into Mail.  If you ever use folders it can be a bit of a pain to add sub-folders. This trick will do both, at the same time. Rather cool if you ask me. This trick may also work in other applications, I have yet to try it out.

If you click on the plus symbol at the bottom of the sidebar in Mail, and select “New Mailbox” you will be given a pop up similar to the one below. This is used to add folders for your email messages.

new mail boxIn the text box type the following:

Text / Subfolder

Notice the slash. This will then generate a folder called “Text” with a sub-folder called “Subfolder”. You have hit two birds with one stone, and save yourself a bit of time. You can then proceed to add more sub-folders  by repeating the process. From my limited testing you can only add one folder and one subfolder at a time. I haven’t found a process which you can use to add more than one subfolders, to a main folder at the same time.

At the end of it you should have something that looks similar to the image below.

folder subfolder mail

If you think adding folders this way is still a bit slow you can go to:


Here you will see lots of files and folders, in your selected folder you can see files called sub-folder.mbox. You can copy and paste these files and re-name them as you see fit. Its a lot quicker than going through Mail. You do have to restart Mail for the changes to take effect.

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