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Add Trash To The Sidebar


Today’s handy hint was supplied by my friend and I just had to share it with you. As you may know the Trash folder exists in your dock. This is quite a useful place. You can actually place a link to your Trash folder in the sidebar, which I find is a handy place to work from. This tip is a bit long winded, ands its not a simple solution. However the results are quite useful.

Simply dragging the Trash icon onto the dock will not work. For some reason Apple have stopped you from being able to do this. The first step is to go to the Trash folder. You do this in Finder, from View > Go To Folder menu option. In the text box type ~/.Trash. This will take you to your Trash folder. Select Column view in Finder.

At this point, you can’t drag the Trash folder to the sidebar as mentioned previously. However with the folder selected you can use a nifty menu option. Under File, select “Add To Sidebar”. This will pop the Trash folder in your sidebar. It doesn’t have the Trash menu icon, but we can fix that in the next step.

Open up the Trash folder and Get Info. You can do this by right clicking on the Trash folder and selecting the option, or pressing Command + I. The next step is to Get Info for the sidebar Trash folder (still following me?). Right click on the .Trash sidebar option and select Get Info again. At this point you should have two Get Info windows open. One for the normal Trash folder, and one for the sidebar.

Select the original Trash icon (top left hand corner) in Get Info and copy this to your clipboard by pressing Command + C. Then, with a bit of luck, paste this onto the icon for the sidebar. The icon should change to a Trash icon. If you don’t fully understand how I did this, then please leave a comment.

At this point you have finished. Do Not, what ever you do rename the Trash folder from .Trash to Trash. This will cause a whole load of problems, and you wont be able to empty your trash. Not helpful.

I hope you have followed this tip correctly. It makes sense in my head, but then again I know what I am doing. If you run into problems please leave a comment below.

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