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Increase Refresh Time For Folders


If you have some folder Applescript or Automator work flows attached to a folder you may find out that it takes quite a while for them to begin running. If you are waiting for something to happen, you may be waiting up to three minutes for the action to run. You can change this polling time with a simple Applescript to change the value. This will hopefully speed up the interval in which scripts are executed and allowed to run.

This polling time is managed by a program called Folder Action Dispatcher, it checks when a script needs to be run. To change the polling time open up Applesctip editor and copy and paste the following.

tell application "/System/Library/CoreServices/Folder Actions" to set polling interval to nnn

This Applescript will tell Folder Action Dispatcher to change the polling time. Change “nnn” to a value in seconds. For instances “60” will change the polling time to every one minute. Speeding up the refresh time by 3 times. Handy.

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