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Just a simple post today, but one you shouldn’t take light heatedly. Anyone who ever has a Mac will know that you generate a long list of passwords and other pieces of information when you install or upgrade the operating system. The problem with this is that you usually end up with a sheet of paper that doesn’t make much sense a couple of months later. This is were your Mac Cheat Sheet comes in.

You can find this cheat sheet online at Apple’s Website, the file is located here. I recommend you fill out this sheet and hide it. It is designed to be used when you going into a Genius Bar, but it serves as a good reminder.

mac cheat sheet

Some of the options on the sheet are a little simple, but I would pay particular attention to the Account section. This contains the main passwords you would usually forget.

It is simple, but it does serve as a good reminder. When you have completed, remember to put it in a safe place. I recommend you put it in the box your Mac came in.

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