Mute A Single Application 4


Mute A Single Application


This tip comes from a request by Alec, after a bit of fiddling and looking for workarounds I have found a solution on how to mute individual applications. This is quite useful if you have a noisy web browser or application that you want to mute, which doesn’t have its own volume control.

The solution involves using a program called Audio Hijack. As the name suggests its designed to hijack audio from other applications. Although this is a paid app there trial version (which is free to use indefinitely) does exactly what we want.

The first step in hijacking an application and to mute it is to press the hijack button.

This will take hold of the application within the program, you can still use the app normally. Unless you install the instant hijack button you do have to restart the soon to be muted program. The instant hijack button will, from the looks of it, cure this minor problem.

You can then press Mute, and the program will be muted. Very simple. If you want to add any more applications to be muted simply press the plus button at the bottom of the sidebar in the Audio Hijacks window and you can add as many apps so you wish.

Its not a perfect solution, and it is a bit bulky, however it does work and if you find some apps really annoying and you can’t mute them, this may be one solution.

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