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Remove Options From Front Row


I use Front Row on my Mac every so often. Its a cool way to navigate various Music and Movie files while I’m in bed. The other day I was digging into the source files and folder to see if I could find anything interesting. Most of the files are standard for a Mac app. However I soon came to realize that the various different areas in Front Row, Movies, Music, TV etc are actually plugins. I then wondered if you could remove the to make the screen smaller and simpler, since I never use the TV option. Turns out you can.

To remove the plugins are rather simple. Go To /System/Library/CoreServices. Right click on Front Row and select “Show Package Contents”. In this folder navigate to /Contents/PlugIns. Notice a list which references DVD, Movies etc. These are the different options which appear on the Front Row screen. To remove on of these from the list, drag the folder to your desktop (as a backup). Then delete the folder, Finder will ask you to authenticate.

If you haven’t run Front Row before you did this little hack, open it up and you should see a difference. If you have being using Front Row, open Activity Monitor, under Utilities, and quit Front Row from the list. You can then open Front Row once again and the changes should take effect.

If you want to bring back the option in Front Row, simply drag the plugin folder (the one you deleted) into the Plugin folder, you will have to authenticate and restart Front Row. It should then re-appear. Simple.

One tip I must say regarding this tip is to not delete FRSettings and FRSources. If you delete these folders bad things will happen to your Mac, mostly likely Front Row will not function quite right. I also recommend you leave at least one plugin folder, otherwise you have effectively crippled the application.

I hope this little tip serves you well. I was going to include a list of optional plugins you could install, however I could only find one. One item doesn’t really make a list. If you have any tips regarding this little trick please leave a comment below.

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