Safari 4 Tips And Tricks – A Collection 9


Safari 4 Tips And Tricks – A Collection


I’ve been using Safari 4 for the last couple of days and I am quite impressed. I’m a little slow on the uptake to new and improved software, usually because I don’t want to hassle of when things break. For a change I decided to go tips hunting to see what new tips and tricks I could learn for this piece of software. I have complied a list of what I think are useful tips that you can enjoy and use. There are a couple of Terminal tips, which I always like, quite a few I have found out by shear chance. As always if you have a tip you want to share, please leave a comment.

Lazy Domain Search

This one I think is rather cool. Normally you have to type a full domain to gain access to a website eg But this is for people with far too much time on their hands. A quicker way is to simply type the main part of the domain plus the TLD, and then any subdirectory. (e.g This again takes far to long. If you want to be a speed freak,  you can simply type, in the address bar of Safari, mactricksandtips/archive. This will automatically add http://, add the tld (in this case .com) and take you to the sub-directory. This works for most cases, since I think Safari will do a quick Google search to check its got the right information. If you are accessing a local variant of a popular domain name, you may end up in the wrong place.

Split Off A Tab

If you find you have too many tabs, a quick way to split them off into new windows is to drag the tab off the tab bar. When you do this a small, transparent, thumbnail will appear. When you release the mouse a new window will open with you desired website. You can then proceed to surf the web.

Merge Windows

If you have too many windows open and they are difficult to navigate you can always merge them into one. This I find is quite useful as windows can pile up and become unmanageable. Simply goto Windows > Merge All Windows. I would advise against doing this for loads of windows and tabs, since I have a feeling Safari will refresh the web page in question, a lot of web pages begin refreshed at once means you may need to go get coffee before it completes.

Will You Email Me That Link?

A very hand shortcut is Shift + Command + I. As implied by the sub title for this little tip, it will automatically set up an email in you main email application with a link to the web page you are currently browsing. Just thinking I doubt you save that many keystokes by actually using this command. Its handy anyway, plus a cool little trick to show off to anyone who happens to be hovering over you shoulder.

Scroll Through Tabs

One handy hint, that I would recommend is Ctrl + Tab. This will scroll through you tabs. Its also the same command to scroll through windows in Photoshop CS3 if you were interested.

Disable/Enable Top Sites

I like the new feature of Top Sites in Safari, its nice eye candy. However, it is really slow to update and takes for ever to do anything. It may just be my computer. If you want to disable top sites simply copy and paste the following command in Terminal. To enable it again replace false, with true.

defaults write DebugSafari4IncludeTopSites -bool FALSE

Disable/Enable Top Sites Animation

If you are still using Top Sites, and you haven’t killed it off, you can save some CPU cycles by disabling the animation of the webpage being zoomed in. At first I wondered what was going on with the zoom in animation. If you don’t like it you can switch it off with the command below.

defaults write DebugSafari4TopSitesZoomToPageAnimationDimsSnapshot -bool FALSE

Disable/Enable Suggest Sites

A new feature of Safari that you may or may not like is the suggest sites. This is the drop down list of sites that is present when you type a domain. If you don’t like it you can disable it. Simply type the following, again, into Terminal.

defaults write DebugSafari4IncludeFancyURLCompletionList -bool FALSE

If you want to disable search suggestions simply use this command.

defaults write DebugSafari4IncludeGoogleSuggest -bool FALSE

Bring Back The Blue Progress Bar

If you like the blue progress bar that took up the space behind any web addresses you have typed you can re-enable it. You need to use two commands. The first brings back the old style animation, which was a pie chart. The second changes this pie chart to a blue bar.

defaults write DebugSafari4IncludeToolbarRedesign -bool FALSE
defaults write DebugSafari4LoadProgressStyle -bool FALSE

Hopefully all of this commands do work. I tried them out and they seemed to work on my Mac. However my friend did run into some problems when he tried to use them. They simply didn’t work. If you have problems using any of the tips, please leave a comment and I will amend my post. If you also have any new tips, I would love to hear them.

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