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Video Capture Your Desktop


Quite a few people over the last couple of days have asked about video capture on your Mac. I particularly like video capture since it can show more detail and steps than a text tutorial can alone, I may introduce it in a couple of new posts. This post is going to be an introduction on how to use video capture so you yourself can do it. Video capture is really useful if you want to do time lapse movies of your desktop, or you want to show family members and friends how to do something specific on your Mac. Its really simple to set up and you can be producing a video in no time.

The first step is to download iShowU. They offer one of the best video capture programs in my opinion, there are other out there and if you plan on doing this for an extended period of time I recommend you research into these different programs and find one that is suitable for how you work. They are all very similar.

ishowu video capture

Video capture is spilt into three steps, capture area, output video and then record. The first step is to pick how much area of your screen you want captured. The smaller the area the more detail will be present when you compress the video, however if you have a small area it can become difficult to get all of what you want recorded into the capture area. I recommend having a capture area slightly larger than what you want to capture, but not the full screen. In iShowU click on “Choose” and you can use the selectors to drag the capture area.

The next step is to pick your output options. This is very useful as you can reduce the amount of post processing on your video. In iShowU you can choose and option for YouTube or various other settings. You can also choose the frame rate, so if you want to make a time-lapse video you can do so in the settings.

The final step (on iShowU interface) is what to do with your mouse and keyboard. I recommend you set it so you don’t follow your mouse since I find it really annoying, however you can change these settings as you please. Other settings include, microphone, and using your iSight so your lovely face can be viewed as you explain to your views how to do something really complicated. As usual with this sort of application there is lots of advance settings which you can tune and tweak to get the best looking video. Have a play around with the settings until you get something you like.

The very final step is to record your video. I suggest you have everything planned out in advance, including opening files, web pages and other documents. A smooth flowing video always looks better than a video where the viewer is waiting ages for something mundane to happen. Once as you have finished recording you can then post process the video using iMovie, or post it straight to the web if you have done a good job first time round and have the correct settings for you final video source (eg YouTube).

I hope this very brief introduction has helped you get an idea on how to do video capture on your Mac. It is very simple and doesn’t take a lot of doing. Nothing very technical is needed and you can be up and running within a couple of minutes. For instance I got a good looking video out of this application after playing around for a couple of minutes. For the person who emailed or tweeted me asking about this, I hope I have fulfilled your request I can’t find the original request.

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