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Using Activity Monitor On Your Mac – Noob2Pro #19 2


Using Activity Monitor On Your Mac – Noob2Pro #19

We all need to make sure our system is running correctly. The best way to access information on how your system is performing is through Activity Monitor. It is designed to show you information about your system resources. This includes, CPU, RAM, Disk, and Network, as well as individual system processes. Its not an app you use actively how every it is useful to have it running in the background. You mostly use Activity Monitor to troubleshoot problem applications and wonder why your Mac is running so slowly.

Going On Holiday – Heads Up 2


Going On Holiday – Heads Up

Its that time of the year where us Brits leave the flood plains of the British Isles and go some where hot to get burnt. Tonight i’m leaving for the airport so I thought I would give you guys a little heads up to wonder why I am not replying to anything. My holiday will last two weeks, so if you really need help i’m afraid you are going to have to look somewhere else.

Utilities Folder Apps – Noob2Pro #18 1


Utilities Folder Apps – Noob2Pro #18

Today we are moving on to more minor applications in the Utilities folder. I actually use the Utilities Folder quite frequently. Due to the number of applications available there is going to be a couple of posts on the topic. Today I am going to feature Grapher, Grab and ColorMeter. In the next couple of days I am going to talk about Terminal, Keychain and Activity Monitor. utilites menu

Pro Tips For Safari – Noob2Pro #17 2


Pro Tips For Safari – Noob2Pro #17

We are moving on with some Pro tips for applications on your Mac and to make you into a real pro. Today we are going to feature Safari. The popular web browsing application. Although I don’t use Safari that frequently (I prefer Firefox) it does have some good features. Today I am going to explain to you some features that can take your usage of Safari to the next level. I am going to discuss some Private Browsing feature and what it does, some ways to control Safari background files and doing some cool things that you may not have noticed.

Using iTunes – #16 Noob2Pro 1


Using iTunes – #16 Noob2Pro

Today we are moving onto iTunes. The music player for Mac and Windows. Similar to the Mail post yesterday I am not going to do a major overview of iTunes, I am going to point out a couple of major points to make your life a little easier. I will focus on storing and making sure your iTunes library is in the best possible shape and using Smart playlists so you can quickly and easily access your music.

Noob2Pro Weekly Round Up 3 1


Noob2Pro Weekly Round Up 3

Would you believe it we are three weeks into the Noob2Pro series. Since I don’t have a post every day due to time constraints we still have two more weeks to do. Good for you. Similar to the previous post this post is going to discuss what has happened within the series, so you can catch up if you have missed any of the posts, plus a little teaser for what is going to happen in the next week. If you have any comments on the series please let me know.

Mail App – #15 Noob2Pro 4


Mail App – #15 Noob2Pro

We are about half way through the Noob2Pro series. Today we are going to focus on Mail. One of the best email applications for the Mac. Using Mail is easy as other Mac programs, but you need to set it up correctly. I am not going to go through every little tip about Mail in this post, but I will show you the best tips needed to use Mail effectively. To get a grips on how to use the Mail client, simply play around with it.

Using Front Row – #14 Noob2Pro 0


Using Front Row – #14 Noob2Pro

Today’s is going to be a simple post. For some reason I don’t seem to have much time at the moment. Anyway today we are going to move on to Front Row the multimedia type interface that you can use to work as a home media centre. It is very useful to have set up in a living room or when you are in bed and want to watch an installed movie.

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