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Adding New Dictionaries To Your Mac


A couple of days ago I had a quick post about changing Dictionaries Labels, this post is going to be a follow on explaining how you can add new dictionaries to your Mac. Its quite useful if you want a language that isn’t supported by Dictionary. The only problem with this tutorial is that it is a little long and the results aren’t perfect. However it is free to use and gives you a new basic dictionary.

The first step is to download a dictionary file. The best way to find them is through StarDict. This sites holds a lot of dictionary files. Find the one you want and download the .tar.bz2 file. This is known as a tarball on the site. You can find numerous dictionaries from the list and the headings at the top of the page. The dictionaries vary in quality and words, you may need to try out a couple of different ones before you find one you like.

At this point the file is in the incorrect format. You need to convert it so Dictionary can read it. Download a small app called DictUnifier. Simply choose the file you have downloaded and press convert. After a couple of minutes the file will be converted and loaded into the Dictionary app. You now have a new dictionary file that you can use.

dictionary converter

The new dictionary file can be used right away. The quality of the dictionary files varies depending on the original source, most of them are pretty good. If you do want a professional dictionary it may be useful to buy a dedicated one which has more words and features. However for free, its pretty good.

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