Converting Movie Files Quickly And Easily 4


Converting Movie Files Quickly And Easily


This post has arisen due to a back and forth between some one who emailed me about converting video. This post is going to be quite a mish mash of different topics which explains who you can use a very powerful encoder/de-coder to convert video files on your Mac. This isn’t a well oiled application it is more a hack to get things to work. However it is really useful.

The which I will be dicussing today is called ffmpegX, its a program designed to bring together Unix power tools for converting video. Its not a stand along applications. As a result you also need to download some extra binaries located here, and mpeg2enc binary located here. When you download and run the program for the first time it will ask you for three files. These files are located in those two packages.

You are now ready to run the program, its actually quite simple to use once as you get it set up. As you would expect your add your file you want to be converted, set up all of the settings as required, and hit go. You can convert the video file to a variety of formats, including AVI, DivX, 3GP, FLV, MOV and RealPlayer.


What sets this app apart from other programs is the depth of settings available to you. Under the video tab you are given far more options that other apps. This is the same for audio, filters and the tools section. All of the settings allow you to fine tune the settings as you see fit.

This app is designed for more advance users as it does have a lot of advance settings. Its a lot more advance than using something like iMovie (if it can do video conversion, not used the app in a while). I would recommend you check it out if it is something that may be useful to you, however it does take a little bit of work to set up and run.

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