Find Word Statistics On Any Piece Of Text 7


Find Word Statistics On Any Piece Of Text


It was quite hard to summarise this post in a catch title. In a nutshell this post is going to introduce you to a Service Menu option that will make your life a lot easier if you ever need to count words. Most people find that TextEdit, doesn’t have a method to count words or letters. This seems a major oversite. Its isn’t, the function has just moved so it can be used in any application.

To test this function out, first select a bit of text. Then go to the Services menu, under the application you are currently using. Select the Statistics option at the bottom of the list. The pop up should produce something similar to the image below.

word statistics

You can also access this service by pressing Command + Shift + I. This again, will bring up the window. I would like to point out that you can’t Command + Tab out of the window and back in again. Doing this will cause it to disappear. If this does happen open up Terminal and quit “WordService”. Always press Ok when you have finished to remove a lot of problems.

This is a simple little tip, but it is quite useful. Its a system wide word counter, compared to an application specific function.

Edit: Seems people don’t have this menu, download it here, unzip it and install it in /Users/[Name]/Library/Services. You may need to restart for the changes to take effect.

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