Going On Holiday – Heads Up 2


Going On Holiday – Heads Up


Its that time of the year where us Brits leave the flood plains of the British Isles and go some where hot to get burnt. Tonight i’m leaving for the airport so I thought I would give you guys a little heads up to wonder why I am not replying to anything. My holiday will last two weeks, so if you really need help i’m afraid you are going to have to look somewhere else.

I have set up a couple of posts for the next two weeks. It is not as many as I hoped, writing so many in advance really takes up a lot of time. There is a couple of Noob2Pro posts, an application review and a general post. I hope it keeps you entertained. Since I am away I wont be able to answer you questions. However if you do have any please leave them, I will eventually get round to answering them.

I’ve got a friend looking after the site, so everything should be running smoothly. I have no reason to believe anything will go wrong. I’ve got plenty of backups so we should be OK.

For those interested i’m off to Greece, i’m flying from Birmingham tomorrow morning so if any one is on the same flight it will be a small world.



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