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MacTricks&Tips 30 Day Guide – From Noob2Pro


I mentioned a couple of days ago that I was planning to release a 30 day guide for the Mac. The time has come for me to begin this guide. In essence I wanted to write a guide for new users to the Mac and for more experienced users. The reason behind this is that I get many simple questions asked by people (which I don’t mind receiving or answering) which could be easily dealt with if they had a little bit of knowledge. Hence I decided to put to together this guide.

What’s Going To Happen?

This guide will be split into 30 sections, incidentally that same amount of days left in this month (what a coincidence!). Each day there will be a long post explaining a certain feature about the Mac. I am going to start simple, pointing out and giving out hints for each various section. I will, over the next series of posts, build up on this knowledge. The idea being by the end of the series you will be able to figure out and solve problems, which in most cases can be quite hard. I will use examples on what is happening, explain why this is happening and hopefully give you enough knowledge to solve future problems.

What Going To Be Featured?

I am going to start with setting up your account correctly, moving on to explain about the interface, how it works and how you can customise it. I will then move onto the major parts of the operating system including applications and how you can use them to full effect. The final part of the guide will include extras and useful tips and tricks to help you solve a wide array of problems.

Each post is going to be quite long, I am really putting a lot of effort into this post so you can get the best out of it. At the end of the series I will also have a special surprise for my regular reader with some extra content, just for you. I will make sure I put in plenty of images and tips, so each point is explained properly. I think some of my posts I tend to skip over some minor parts, which as a new user you wont understand.

Apart from daily posts, I will also feature a weekly update summarising what I have shown and what you have hopefully learned. This weekly post will also introduce the next weeks worth of post, so you can have something to look forward to.

Bring It All Together

Some of the topics I will write about have been written before on this blog and else where on the Internet. The problem with this is that it is not disjointed. I plan on taking an approach where it is all in one place. Hopefully by the end of it, I will have a series of posts at the same level of quality as a book you would buy off the shelf.

I also realise that Snow Leopard will be coming out in September, I will keep this in mind and update any of this posts with relevant content in the future.

Tomorrows Post

Tomorrows post will begin by explaining to you the different Mac’s available and which one will be right for what you need. I have done a post similar to this in the past, however it is quite old and needs a good update. Like I said I will start out right at the beginning.


Hopefully you get the drift of what I this post is about. I realise that for some experienced users to the Mac platform that this series of posts may not be that helpful. I will, at the same time, post my normal tips and tricks that I will find so you wont feel left out. To find out more about the series each post will be tagged with Noob2Pro or N2P, depending on the title length. You can then search for this using the search box or look through the category. If you have any major requests that you would like to see featured, please leave a comment.

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