Menu Bar Service’s Menu – #5 Noob2Pro 0


Menu Bar Service’s Menu – #5 Noob2Pro


The services is a very important menu on your menu bar, but for most people it is always under used. It contains a lot of power which can be utilised for a variety of different ways. To get the most out of your services menu, you have to make yourself use it. It can easily be forgotten. This post will go through the Services menu and show you some ways you can add to the services.

To access the service menu click on the title of the currently selected application on your menu bar. From the drop down list you will notice a menu item named “Service”, within this menu you will have lot different options and menu items. These are all programs which can be run and used. They vary depending on what application you have selected. Some work with text and some work with specific applications.

service menu

Using the Services menu takes a little bit of getting used to. The best way to learn about the menu is to play. Go down each of the menu options and see what they do. For example select some text in TextEdit, and go down each option and see what happens. I suggest you try out summarize, its very useful for pieces of text. Some menu options will only work with specific text or applications.

You may notice that the services menu shown in the image above may be longer of shorter than the one on your Mac. This is perfectly normal. Applications regularly add options to the services menu, for example I have a Skype and Coda service option which you may not have. Applications will add stuff to this menu as you use your Mac. If you are a regular service menu user, you will notice when new options have been added.

Adding to the services menu is quite difficult, people don’t write app dedicated for the Services menu. As a result I wouldn’t suggest you specifically look for them. There is how ever one app designed to remove Services menu options and it is called Service Scrubber. This is designed to remove service options from this menu.

I recommend you try and use this menu option as much as possible. You can save some time, if you use the menu regularly you can pick up some tricks and tips. Its always cool when people ask how you did sometime. Since the services menu is pretty well hidden, you could show your friends a thing or two.

I have a feeling that in the next Snow Leopard update, the services menu will be getting a revamp. So we will have to see what happens to this menu.

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