Noob2Pro Weekly Round Up 2 0


Noob2Pro Weekly Round Up 2


We have been going on the Noob2Pro series for the last couple of weeks. This post is going to summarise the last week and tell you what is going to be appearing in the next couple of days. Last week, we discussed a variety of different basics system topics, we then moved on to discuss the finer points of the systems features, such as Spotlight and Expose.

So far we have featured:

  1. Introduction To the Series
  2. Buying A Mac
  3. User Accounts
  4. Parental Controls (Add-on)
  5. Dock
  6. Menu Bar
  7. Services Menu
  8. Finder
  9. Quicklook
  10. Exposé
  11. Spaces
  12. Spotlight
  13. System Preferences

If you are wondering why the numbers don’t match, in the list above I have added number 4 and 1 into there list, where they are not present in the actual series. We have just finished number 11. Number 12 in the series and beyond are going to cover the basis system applications, this includes Dashboard, Time Machine, iTunes etc. It is going to, hopefully, tell you how to use these applications more effectively. At some point we are going to cover a must have list post, I don’t what this will feature but it will be at the end of this weeks series of posts. After that there isn’t much left to cover, just basic simple stuff such as printing and installing windows.

Stay tuned, the next post will be in a couple of hours. To keep you more advance uses entertain I will also have a none Noob2Pro related post.

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