Noob2Pro Weekly (Sort of) Round Up 0


Noob2Pro Weekly (Sort of) Round Up


Its sort of been a week since I started this series of posts, I have done a total of 7 posts in all and I have only just started within the series. This post is just going to be a round up of what has happened and what you can come to expect. To begin with I would like to point out that this series is not designed to be one post after another every single day. Simply because I may miss a couple of days due to various reasons. I will however has 30 posts, which will sort of cover a month.

So far in this series I have talked to you about buying the right Mac, setting up the user accounts properly. I then went on to discuss the interface including the dock, menu bar, services menu and Finder. I also interjected the series with an extra post on Parental Controls.

  1. Introduction To the Series
  2. Buying A Mac
  3. User Accounts
  4. Parental Controls (Add-on)
  5. Dock
  6. Menu Bar
  7. Services Menu
  8. Finder

The next couple of posts will discuss Quicklook and Exposé, I will then move onto Spotlight and System Preferences. This will sort of round up the system side of the Mac. After that I will begin to discuss applications and how you can use them more effectively.

If you want to see anything specific covered, please leave a comment below. I have had a couple of emails asking about various things (parental controls being one of them) and I will add them into the series as needs be. A couple of posts will be out of order, but I would rather cover them than screw up my ordering. A lot of you are enjoying this series, which is always great, and I would like to make it even better. Please contact me if you would like to talk to me in person.

Some people have asked about a PDF covering this series. There is one in the works, it will have all of these posts in plus some extra content that you can sink your teeth into. It should be really useful to new (and old) Mac users. I recommend you subscribe to the RSS feed if you haven’t already done so to be informed of this when it arrives (will be quite a while).

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Stay tuned. In about an hour or two (depending on lunch) I will have an “ordinary” post. I think it will be covering a file converter that is quite nifty. Later this evening I will have the 7th in the series on Noob2Pro. Stay tuned.

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