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Pro Tips For Safari – Noob2Pro #17


We are moving on with some Pro tips for applications on your Mac and to make you into a real pro. Today we are going to feature Safari. The popular web browsing application. Although I don’t use Safari that frequently (I prefer Firefox) it does have some good features. Today I am going to explain to you some features that can take your usage of Safari to the next level. I am going to discuss some Private Browsing feature and what it does, some ways to control Safari background files and doing some cool things that you may not have noticed.

Some of the pro tips for this post will be featured on the File menu in Safari. Its unusual to use a File menu in a web browser, you never really need to open a file and most of the time you never print anything from the web, its seems to be there for reasons unknown. However Safari has a could of menu items that are useful.

The first is the ability to Mail links and contents in emails. These are accessed using the “Mail Contents Of This Page” or “Mail Link To This Page”. The Mail contents option will basically generate a HTML email for you and insert the web page. This will mean who ever gets the email will see a semi live copy of the website. The second option, email link, will just email a link to the web page you are view. I find this option far more useful, as it doesn’t make a massive email and is a lot easier to handle. Its great if you find a website and want to show it to your friends.

safari file menu

The second option which I would like to point out is the ability to clip a webpage and open it in Dashboard. This process will take a small portion of a website and put it on your dashboard. It will then update every so often. When you clip a website drag the sliders to cover what you want, make the box slightly bigger than the size of your area. This could a chart from Google Finance, the latest news bar from your favourite sports site. Clipping a website is very useful way to get information on your Dashboard. Don’t however make the area to big, otherwise you won’t have room for other widgets.

The two options mentioned are very practical and fun. This last tip is going to make Safari a bit more secure. This is Private Browsing. Under the Safari menu option there is an entry called “Private Browsing”, this stops Safari adding items to the History, automatically removes downloads, information isn’t saved in auto fill. Although Private Mode isn’t that secure, it is useful for blocking people who might snoop on your Mac when you use a public computer.

To make Safari slightly more secure after using it you can also remove files related to web surfing. Under Safari > Reset Safari you can give a list of items which you can remove, this includes your history, cache, cookies and a couple of other things. This will help stop people snooping on which websites you have visited when on a public computer. You can also do this every so often to reduce the size of the history and cache and keep your Mac running smoothly. If you don’t want to remove all of your cookies, you could just empty your Cache. I recommend you do this every couple of weeks, simply because you Mac can get cluttered up. This will also fetch new data if a website has been updated.

There are not many pro tips for Safari, however with a couple of simple tips you can be more secure while surfing and make sure Safari runs quickly and doesn’t get bogged down.

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