System Preferences – #11 Noob2Pro 0


System Preferences – #11 Noob2Pro


Sorry about a no show on the Noob2Pro series yesterday, I ran out of time in the day. Todays post is going to round off most of the system side operations which I have been discussing over the last week. Its going to talk about system preferences and how you can use it to change your Mac’s settings. This is going to be quite a short post, System Preferences is quite simple and doesn’t need a lot of explaining.

Through out the last week I have mentioned quite a lot of times about System Preferences. System Preferences is an app designed to control quite a lot of your system settings. Its design to collate everything into one place. I personally end up using System Preferences about once a day, simply because I end up tweaking and changing my system as I need. To get to System Preferences, open up Applications in Finder and navigate down to System Preferences. This app will also be in your dock.

system preferences

System Preferences is split up into various different sections, each cover a different aspect of your system. The Personal section covers areas such as desktop and wallpaper, the way you computer looks and behaves under certain conditions.

The Hardware section, as the name suggests, looks after physical things on your system. There is not many aspects which you can change with these settings but they are worth a look. Note long term users, have you noticed the bulb is now a Compact Fluorescent, compared to a tungsten bulb.

Moving down we have Internet and Network, the big one here is Network which you will need to access to make sure everything connects correctly. System settings such as Accounts and Time Machine are another preference pane options which you should access before you start using your computer.

Finally we have Other, this will be empty unless you install some extra preference panes. Most preference panes you will find as you use your Mac and download applications. One I definitely recommend is growl. Install this one as it gives you access to more intuitive feed back from a variety of different applications. You can also add some preferences which are built into your system, for more information see this previous post.

In the other section, installing preferences is rather simple, right click on the preference pane and select remove preference. It will be gone at the click of a button.

The final trick I would like tell you about is the Search function. If you type something you want System Preferences will try and find. This is very useful for new users who want to quickly find something in the app.

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