Using Front Row – #14 Noob2Pro 0


Using Front Row – #14 Noob2Pro


Today’s is going to be a simple post. For some reason I don’t seem to have much time at the moment. Anyway today we are going to move on to Front Row the multimedia type interface that you can use to work as a home media centre. It is very useful to have set up in a living room or when you are in bed and want to watch an installed movie.

I’m not 100% of the up take of Front Row on Macs, but any Mac that has come with a remote or has the ability to host a remote will probably have it installed. Front Row is located under Applications. When you double click on it, or use your Remote you will see an interface similar to the one below.

front row

You can then navigate through the files and folders with either the arrow keys or the up and down on your remote. Each of the menu options can be accesses by pressing the enter key or the middle button on your remote.

If you want to access your music, makes sure iTunes is set up. This means that you need have the library set up and running. Front Row works on the fact that it accesses the individual apps and brings them together. As a result if you want to use iTunes, make sure you have the disk running so the library can be accessed. This is only the case if you store your music on an external hard drive. If it is internally it does matter.

Movies is a little more complicated, files which can be accessed by Front Row are stored in your movies folder in your home directory. Put any files you want to use here. If you have them on an external disk, simply make an alias to that folder and Front Row should pick it up. Front Row can play any file that quick time can play.

Photos, the final main section, works similarly to iTunes it will find files from your iPhoto library. As a result it means you need to have the library up and running if you want to access your images. If you use Aperture you can set this as your photo library under the settings area.

Front Row is fun to use. I have the remote by my bed so I can quickly access my tunes when I am in my room. I’m sorry this is only a short post today and I haven’t been up to date with posts every day, but the days just disappear. I should have a more regular schedule tomorrow.

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