Cheat Sheets, Finding Shortcuts – Noob2Pro #26 0


Cheat Sheets, Finding Shortcuts – Noob2Pro #26


This post is going to be relatively short however I think it will be quite useful for any new user to the Mac. One of the best ways to become a “Pro” user is to learn shortcuts to a program. Learning shortcuts to a program can be a bit difficult and some may not be that obvious. There are a couple of ways you can learn shortcuts, I am going to feature my favourite two here.


If you really want to find how many shortcuts a program has I recommend KeyCue, i’ve done a review here a while ago. In essence when you press down command KeyCue will pop up after a couple of seconds and show you every single shortcut available to you. I find this a handy way of seeing what you can do in an app. It’s also a great way of discovering new ways to do things which may no be apparent from the men options.

Short Cut Lists

Another way of learning short cuts is to look down a list. I prefer the KeyCue method since its more intuitive, however lists are generally more useful if you are away from your computer or want to browse them at your leisure. There a couple of places you can search for short cut lists however there are a couple of sites out there which I would like to point out. The first is Dan Rodney’s list, the second is Apple’s shortcut list, finally there is my version which I threw together a while ago.

I told you this post was short, however I still think its important. The quickest way to speed up when using a program is to learn the short cut. I always try and find the shortest method to a solution so I can save time. Hence why I get to sit back and surf the web while everyone else in my class is still on the first task.

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