Finding Apps For The Mac – Noob2Pro #22 5


Finding Apps For The Mac – Noob2Pro #22


In the last couple of days we have finished all of the major apps on your Mac. Today I am going to feature places on the Internet where you can find applications to fill up your Mac and meet your needs. There are plenty of places which you can use to find apps for the computer. This post is going to be short, however I hope it is going to be as useful as the others in the series.

Apple Downloads

The first place to have a look for new applications is the Apple website. Although not the best in terms of having every applications, it is well set out and does have some good applications featured on the front page. If you are ever bored one day take a wonder through the site and see what you can find. I like looking at the staff as they usually feature some really good apps that are worth downloading.

Mac Update

MacUpdate is designed as a website to track updates to application. However I like to use it to find new and interesting applications. It has one of the biggest repositories of apps. The search function is designed to find specific application, not general terms, however there is enough applications on the site to keep you entertained for a long time.


VersionTracker is very similar to Mac Update. I’ve featured it on this list as a secondary source of applications. I prefer the interface on VersionTracker over Mac Upate.


So far the sites featured hold every app on the market  but don’t really tell you what they do. Hence I am going to feature website that offer reviews of specific applications. These are give you a lot more in depth understanding of what an app is about. They also pick up new and interesting apps. So I am going to start this list with lots of shameless self promoting. iLoveMacApps, is a rather new site where I try and find applications and review them for you.


A app review site that has being going a long time is MacApper. I have long been a fan of this site, as the author digs up some really unknown apps.


A new website which I have being watching this some interest. Appstorm, reviews well known applications and gives you a lot of good feedback. Like MacApper and iLoveMacApps, they go along with the same theme or reviewing apps and giving you their opinion. Its a good way to find new applications.


A slightly different website this time. CoolMacApps, is designed to aggregate a list of popular applications. You should use this sort of list to find out what people are using. If a lot of people are using the applications, its probably really good and worth an investigation.


Similar to CoolMacApps, iUseThis is a website designed to see how many people use a specific application. You can also add to the website by click “i use this” to tell people which apps you use.


To round off the websites on the list, Google is a very good source. Simply type what you want and add “mac app” to the end of the search phrase and you will find suitable apps for what you want. You may need to do a bit of digging. I usually combine this method with looking on an app review site.


The final place to look for an app is from a friend. Ask them what they use for a specific application or what they recommend. Chances are they will have used an app you need.

If you have any cool places to find applications please leave a comment below.

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