I’m Back – Sorry For The Delay 0


I’m Back – Sorry For The Delay


Sorry for the long delay and apparent lack of anything happening on this site. I haven’t disappeared i’ve just been doing a lot of different things that have required my time. If you didn’t realise I was on holiday, I hope you enjoyed the pre planned posts while I was off, I have been reading some of the comments that you have left and I have begun responding to them.

The plan is to find out what I need to do, I am going to pick up the Noob2Pro series, it has had a bit of a break but I plan on finishing it and completing the series, there are a couple more posts I would like to cover before I finish it. I also have more tips and tricks on the way, I have a couple up my sleeve, I just have to work them into a substantial post. If you have any ideas please send them my way.

If you are interested where I went, I visited Greece to the island Skiathos. Really nice as always, interestingly it was also (twinned with the ajonging island of Skopelos) the set for filming Mamma Mia! So every boat trip was a guided tour of the out parts of the set. Really interesting viewing of the DVD when you know what the place actually looks like (not that shiny as in the movie).

Anyway, there will be a post up either today or tomorrow. So stay tuned.

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