Noob2Pro Weekly Round Up 4 0


Noob2Pro Weekly Round Up 4


We are flying through the Noob2Pro series, we are nearly at the end. There is only 8 more posts planned. I hope you are enjoy the series as much as I am. So far we have featured a huge variety of different posts to get you start on the Mac. A lot are introductions however I have included a hew advance tips and tricks to take it to the next level.

So far we have featured.

  1. Introduction To the Series
  2. Buying A Mac
  3. User Accounts
  4. Parental Controls (Add-on)
  5. Dock
  6. Menu Bar
  7. Services Menu
  8. Finder
  9. Quicklook
  10. Exposé
  11. Spaces
  12. Spotlight
  13. System Preferences
  14. Dashboard
  15. Time Machine
  16. Front Row
  17. Mail
  18. Safari
  19. Utilities Folder
  20. Activity Monitor
  21. Keychain
  22. Terminal

Next week will not feature as many posts, simply because I am going to be on holiday and writing so many posts in advance kind of gets the better of me. I will however feature a post on finding good applications, since we have come to the end of the system applications, top apps for the mac. I will then feature some extra posts on getting the best out of your Network,  Printing and Windows. Time till tell however how many posts I will write. There is going to be a couple of other posts in between.

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