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Scribbles – Simple Fun Image Drawing App


To start off the posts again I am going to do a review of an app that I have grown to love. Its called Scribbles and it is designed as an intuitive drawing app that makes it fun an interesting to draw. It doesn’t have a trillion features that take years to learn, it takes the simple method of using your mouse to draw an image and make it even easier.

Scribbles is split into three main areas. The canvas, the paint palette and the layers selector. “Normal” paint programs have a defined size which you can paint your image, this is ok if you want to use the final image for web or print, however if you just want to sketch ideas, draw a simple diagram or have a bit of fun this can be restrictive. Scribbles takes a different approach, since everything is represented in vector format, which can be scaled to any size and keep the same quality you can zoom in and out with out a problem, as a result the canvas is infinite meaning you can zoom in infinitely and out infinitely. This means you can make tiny changes at a very small level or zoom right and an make huge changes with the same size brush. I really like this feature as it means I can draw all day long and no worry about hitting any boundaries. I do however think there is a limit on the size of the canvas it is just limited by the size of you RAM and disk space.


The second feature I would like to discuss is the brushes available. There isn’t many too choose from, but this app is designed to produce hand drawn image, you have a couple of brushes which vary the level of fuzziness on the edges, plus a couple which act as an airbrush or produce lots of random colours as you draw it along, there is of course an eraser. I find that you generally use the normal brush the most, I wish this app included a way to draw shapes, however this would probably be broader than  what the app was designed for. Picking colours to use is also dead simple. You click on the colour circle in the bar along the bottom of the image, and then you select the colour from the wheel. You can also pick a pre-existing colour with the dropper.

The final feature which I really love is the layers selector. Using the full power of the Mac, you can add, remove, order and change the opacity of any layer in an interactive 3D environment. Its really simple to organise how your image looks. I wish all painting applications had features similar to this.

Overall this app is great, it has a wide variety of features (more than what I have discussed here), and allows you to make images quickly and easily. I think this app would be great for kids however, if you are good with a stylus it may be a good way of drawing and producing images without having to use an expensive program such as Photoshop. As usual try the app out and see what you think, it may be something you find useful.

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