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The Mac Sale – Heads Up


This post is going to be a little heads up of a good deal you could get your hands on. If you follow my Tweets at all, you may have heard of a new advertiser called “The Mac Sale“. They are basically offering a bundle of lots of cool Mac apps for a really cheap price. These bundles pop up every so often and are great value, so it was an opportunity I didn’t want to miss with you guys. This post is going to have a little bit of luck involved, since I am writing this in advance (i’m on holiday). However I am on good faith that what I am writing is correct.

As bundles go, you get lots of quite popular apps, stick a dirt cheap price tag on them and everyone is happy. This one is know different, for $49.99 you get the following:


Flux is a website building app that is designed to help you build websites. I haven’t personally tried it out, however from the screen shots and the blurb it does seem a well rounded application. I will probably have a review of it later in the year.


Stuf, built by the same guys that have done Flux, is a clipboard manager. Its a bigger, better clipboard which monitors different applications and the contents of the clipboard. It allows you to save more to your clipboard and access it at a later date.


(If I have found the correct application) Iris, is an image editor for your Mac, I personally think this app would work very well with Flux, you can edit and change images as you see fit with this app.


An FTP uploader for the Mac, Interarchy is an “advanced” FTP uploader. It can handle all types of uploads to your server. Note that this app alone costs $59.


If you don’t like Spotlight, HoudahSpot seems a suitable replacement. Its designed to replace and work with Spotlight to find files on your Mac.


An app that I have tried, and loved, it’s WriteRoom. A distraction free writing application for the Mac that takes all of the background noise away from you. I may actually buy this app myself one day because it takes me ages to write even the simplest things.


A different app that takes the simple form of taking notes and to-dos and makes it more intuitive. TaskPaper will take your basic list and style it so it makes a lot more sensible and is easier on the eye.


REALBasic is touted as a simple to use drag and drop application to build applications. I have never heard of it, however the blurb does sound interesting. I will have to try it out, I enjoy the programming aspect of computers and eventually want to learn Xcode, this might be a good intermediate step.


Scribbles is developed by the same guys and girls that have done Tweetie (which I love). Scribbles is a simple and fun drawing application that has some interesting features. A great way to draw those quick designs or have a little bit of fun.

Mariner Calc

An application that I haven’t come across before, Mariner Calc is a spreadsheet application. If you don’t have Numbers from Apple this app may be a good substitute.

I hope you agree that there is quite a lot of good applications here. There is also some different apps that I have never seen. It’s a different bundle with a wide variety of applications. I remember at one time that Parallels the windows app was always in a bundle so its good to see something different. As mentioned in the opening paragraph this app costs $49.99 which I think is actually worth it. Scribbles and Flux are the major apps I would be looking at, however your needs may differ. Head over to the The Mac Sale for more information.

Please note, there are affiliate links in this post. Each sale you make through my link earns me a couple of dollars, each dollar helps this site. Using affiliate links doesn’t degrade the quality of this post. I was going to write it anyway, I just happened to stumble across the affiliate link.

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