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Installing Windows Games With CrossOver Games 15


Installing Windows Games With CrossOver Games

I love my computer games. They are a good way to burn a couple of hours when I have nothing else to do. The problem with the Mac operating system is that it is largely incompatible with Windows games. There is a very simple and easy to use solution to this, CrossOver for Games. There are a variety of different methods to install games on your Mac machine. CrossOver allows you to go straight back into the Mac operating system without the need for a restart as you do with Boot Camp. Using Crossover Games is very simple once you get the hang of it. This post will serve as a guide and a review of the app.

Editing Startup Items On Your Mac 2


Editing Startup Items On Your Mac

I find the tip in this post quite useful for sorting out start up problems and finding out while start up takes a long time, however you can also use it to run programs before you log in. This trick is going to show you how you can modify your start up items. When you Mac boots it will first run the Start Up Items folder, then produce the login screen, finally it would log in and run any login items. There is a slight difference in the two folders (Start Up and Login), as a result you can have different effects.

Site Update – Some Slight Changes 0


Site Update – Some Slight Changes

Sorry for the lack of posts over the last couple of days, there has been plenty going on. Tomorrow i’m back to Uni which means there will be a couple of changes to the frequency in which post will appear on this site. Over the past couple of weeks and months I have been trying to do a post at least once a day. I’m afraid this format will have to change.

Different Bootable Operating Systems On Your Mac 3


Different Bootable Operating Systems On Your Mac

Today we have a guest post by Chris Wanja. He wanted to do a post on creating different bootable disks. For example a Leopard Boot and a Snow Leopard Boot. This means you have two different operating systems which you can use and allows you to try things out in different operating systems. This method is slightly different to the bootable backups I did a couple of days ago. The method is quite complicated so you have to follow the instructions quite carefully. I recommend people who know what they are doing attempt this tutorial as you can easily lose all of your data. If you have any questions please leave a comment below or Twitter or email Chris.

Backing Up A Windows Boot Camp Partition 7


Backing Up A Windows Boot Camp Partition

Today will be the last post in the mini series that has evolved on backing up your data. So far I have covered general backup solutions, and cloning your hard drive. The final post will be on cloning your Windows boot camp partition. Backing up this partition is slightly more problematic due to the fact that your partition can be NTFS or FAT32, and not a partition that is compatible with Super Duper or Carbon Copy Cloner. This technique will not create a bootable partition but one that has all your data in the form a disk image. You can then use this disk image to restore you data at a later date.

Creating Bootable Backups For Your Mac 4


Creating Bootable Backups For Your Mac

It seems a little mini-series has emerged on getting backups sorted. The original post, Backup Solutions For The Mac, mentioned three different methods of backup, Time Machine, Bootable Drives and Online Backup Solutions. I can’t stress enough how important backup’s are. I know many of you do use Time Machine and you should continue using it. Today’s post is going to focus on how you can create abootable backup for your data. I feel this type of approach is more ballistic. It designed for the worse case scenario, when you hard drive completely fails and you can’t use it any more and you need something to get your Mac running again.

Enable Remote Disc (Drive Sharing) On Any Mac 17


Enable Remote Disc (Drive Sharing) On Any Mac

If your Superdrive or disk drive is on the way out (I think mine is) it can be a real pain to change it, especially if its locked inside a MacBook or MacBook Pro. I personally use my disk drive about twice a year. So when the time comes to get something off a CD it can be a major pain to get something off a CD. However there is a solution to this problem. If you take a look at a MacBook Air, Drive Sharing is available, so all the background code is ready to go, we just need to bring it to life. This post is going to cover the entire method of getting drive sharing to work. If you just want the hack, go to the end of the post.

Time Machine Not Backing Up – Solution 1


Time Machine Not Backing Up – Solution

Yesterday I mentioned about different backing up methods, I talked about Time Machine as a good, first, solution to peoples needs. It turns out that I have been a little lax in keeping my Time Machine backup up to date. I turned it on this afternoon and to my horror nothing would backup. It would run for about ten minutes then produce an error. I then did a little digging and came up with a solution that will probably help a lot of people. This tip may not work for every one but it may send you on your way.

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