Backing Up A Windows Boot Camp Partition 7


Backing Up A Windows Boot Camp Partition


Today will be the last post in the mini series that has evolved on backing up your data. So far I have covered general backup solutions, and cloning your hard drive. The final post will be on cloning your Windows boot camp partition. Backing up this partition is slightly more problematic due to the fact that your partition can be NTFS or FAT32, and not a partition that is compatible with Super Duper or Carbon Copy Cloner. This technique will not create a bootable partition but one that has all your data in the form a disk image. You can then use this disk image to restore you data at a later date.

The first step in backing up boot camp is to download and install a tool called WinClone. It designed to do exactly what we want to do. You may have to install some supporting software to get it to work. When its installed and ready to run open the application.

Using this application is very simple. There is really only two functions, image and restore. Within the image tab select your boot camp partition from the drop down menu. Then press image. You will be prompted for a location to save the disk image. I recommend a disk which doesn’t already hold your boot camp partition, I would also suggest putting it on a disk with plenty of space. When you are done, let the process run. It shouldn’t take to long. Unlike using Carbon Copy Cloner in the previous post you can still use you Mac since it isn’t accessing Mac system files and locking up your system.


When the app has finished you will have an ISO file of your Windows partition. You can now continue your day. If you want to restore you files simply use the menu option “Restore” in the application. Before you start have a quick ready through the help on the website.

Restoring Windows is quite simple but not as sophisticated as backing up your Mac disk. This way seems the most useful and easiest to use. I do recommend you have a backup of important files in Windows anyway. This method is to create an image for quickly restoring your system to a certain point.

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