Heads Up – Mac OS X Automation 0


Heads Up – Mac OS X Automation


This post is going to be a heads up of a site that I found a couple of days ago which I have meant to post. If you haven’t guessed from the title this site is all about Mac OS X Automation. For those people who are new to the Mac or don’t know how to use Automator, Apple Script or Services this site is designed as general round up.

On the face of it the site is rather simple, and I passed it off as a simple website with no real content. For some reason it cropped back up in my daily web surfing so I decided to have a deeper look. The website does have a lot of content available to you, however it does take a little digging. The website is split up into three sections, within each section there is a general features section, a learning section and an explore section.

mac os x automation

One of the best sections is the “Learn” section which includes an abundance of videos to help any new user get on there way with learning each area. There isn’t hundreds of video however the ones shown on the site are pretty good. I imagine as the site grows more videos will be added. The “Explore” section on the site is pretty good as well as it offers a lot of ways to find new websites and increase your understanding.

Anyway I hope you have fun with this website. It does have a lot of information and links on the site, you just need to dig through.

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