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Installing Windows Games With CrossOver Games


I love my computer games. They are a good way to burn a couple of hours when I have nothing else to do. The problem with the Mac operating system is that it is largely incompatible with Windows games. There is a very simple and easy to use solution to this, CrossOver for Games. There are a variety of different methods to install games on your Mac machine. CrossOver allows you to go straight back into the Mac operating system without the need for a restart as you do with Boot Camp. Using Crossover Games is very simple once you get the hang of it. This post will serve as a guide and a review of the app.

CrossOver games works on a version of Wine, it allows you to run Windows programs on your Mac. Crossover builds on this app and I think is far more useful, especially for people who are not confident using Wine. CrossOver has a lot of supporting code and structure and works something like this, you have a “bottle” this is basically your Windows install without any of the Windows bits. Its an environment where Windows programs can run in peace. In this bottle you install your games (or other programs), when the install has finished CrossOver will configure the application so it can correctly interface between Mac and the Windows bottle. CrossOver has two versions of it app, a normal one and one for games. The games version is more suited to computer games.

To install a Windows game download and install the app. I can’ fully remember the initial process for setting up a bottle, however it would be something very similar to what is outlined here. In the app go to Configure > Manage Bottles. In the sidebar at the bottom click the plus button to add a new bottle. Select an operating system (Windows XP is recommend) and a name. You can have more than one bottle, how ever one will suffice. Once this bottle has a name and operating system.

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You are now ready to install your applications. Go to the Applications tab in the bottles window or select Configure > Install Software. From the option that pops up, you can either install some supported software (especially useful for Steam) or install “Unsupported Software”. Unsupported software is apps that are not on the list. Install your software as you would. When you have finished your game is installed and ready to play. It can be accessed from the “Programs” menu item.

One option I would like to point out, is the ability to open the  “C:” drive. This is under the “Advance” tab. It is very useful as you can view the files that the game files runs on, and you can make changes as you see fit, and example being adding Save Files or extra files needed by your game.

Most games run pretty quickly. They are not as fast as a Boot Camp install, however old games are pretty quick and run well. More modern games are a little laggy how ever you can play around the game settings to make it smoother. If you need ultimate performance I would install Boot Camp, for ease and simplicity I would go with CrossOver.

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