Noob2Pro Series Round Up – We Have Finished 4


Noob2Pro Series Round Up – We Have Finished


I am afraid we have reached the end of the Noob2Pro series. I have covered all of the topics I wanted to cover and it seemed to reach a good end with out me repeating myself or covering topics no one is interested in. I hope you enjoyed the series and hopefully some new users have learnt a thing or two about the Mac that they didn’t know before. This post will list all of the previous topics and tell you what I have planned.

In order or appearance.

  1. Introduction To the Series
  2. Buying A Mac
  3. User Accounts
  4. Parental Controls (Add-on)
  5. Dock
  6. Menu Bar
  7. Services Menu
  8. Finder
  9. Quicklook
  10. Exposé
  11. Spaces
  12. Spotlight
  13. System Preferences
  14. Dashboard
  15. Time Machine
  16. Front Row
  17. Mail
  18. Safari
  19. Utilities Folder
  20. Activity Monitor
  21. Keychain
  22. Terminal
  23. Finding Apps For The Mac
  24. 9 Mac Apps For The New User
  25. Network Tips
  26. Printing
  27. Finding Shortcuts
  28. Troubleshooting Problems

The plan was to make the series to last a month, it did sort of, if you count a month as February in length. It wasn’t going to be a series of post where I try and make a minor topic drag out and say i’ve done hundreds of topics when really its the same stuff over and over again. There was some extra topics which I could have covered such as iLife or iWork however I don’t really have much experience in these areas (I never use them).

I’m glad the series has come to an end. I was getting a little tired of it. I do play on releasing a PDF book in a couple of days when I have finished compiling everything. I may also release a long more detailed book covering more topics. However such subjects take a while to write so don’t expect it to arrive any time soon.

In the next couple of days this site will be back to its normal routine of tips and tricks. I have a post already planned, which I will have up a bit later today. If you want to submit some ideas of stuff you want to see please use the contact form. I like to try and solve your problems, I find it more interesting that just a normal tips post.

To conclude I hope you have liked this series. If you enjoyed it please share it with your friends, this post is a good round up of the topics covered.

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