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Disable Ads In Safari 8


Disable Ads In Safari

Sorry for the lack of posts over the last couple of days, University has got really busy and I had no free time at all to do any post. The weekend however has arrived and I have some free time to do some work. Todays post will be about blocking adverts on websites while using Safari. I find that adverts on web pages are getting more an more annoying and some, inevitably, need to be removed from view.

Enable Text Substitutions Globally 3


Enable Text Substitutions Globally

This is a quick and dirty Terminal trick which cropped up on my day to to day travels as I surfed the web. If you are familiar with text substitutions at all, you will realise you can replace (c) with the copyright symbol © as you type. This is quite useful for people who know and use the shortcuts on a regular basis. Enabling these feature globally so it runs on every app is very simple and only needs a Terminal command.

Automatically Play Videos In QuickTime Player 2


Automatically Play Videos In QuickTime Player

Its the weekend again, which gives me a fleeting moment to write a post. Over the last couple of days I have been using the new version of QuickTime Player for playing videos. I really like it and it works a lot better than the older version found in Leopard. This little trick will enable any video to automatically play when you load it in the player. This is similar to VLC and enables you to sit back and relax rather than hitting play. This trick only works in Snow Leopard where the new app is found.

Change The Colour Of The Exposé Glow 4


Change The Colour Of The Exposé Glow

This is a cool little tip for people on Snow Leopard. In the new update you will notice that when you use Exposé there is a small blue glow around any windows which you select. This is shown in the image below. It is very simple to change the colour of this image. All you need is to find the correct file and then change the Hue or Saturation in your favourite image editor. Since this tip involves accessing system files you will need to be careful not to damage anything which is needed by your system.

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