Quick Terminal Trick – Making It Transparent 2


Quick Terminal Trick – Making It Transparent


Here is a quick tip to start off the weekend (I promise more tricks this weekend). This is a very simple but useful tip that I have employed over the last couple of days to quickly see the results of a Terminal command. It involves making the Terminal windows transparent. Its a bit of a hack, however I think it is quite useful.

The first step is to enable the tab bar, this is under View > Show Tab Bar. This usually enables you to have more than one tab at once, that tip is quite useful in its own (you can open a new tab under Shell > New Tab. Once as you have the tab bar open, you can select the tab at the top of the Terminal window and slightly drag it. This usually moves a tab around, however in the process it makes it invisible. Once you get used to moving the tabs around you can quickly get used to moving the tab slightly to make it invisible.

If you want modify Terminal even more there is plenty of preferences go to Terminal > Preferences > Settings, here you can change how Terminal looks and behaves.

I hope you enjoy this quick tip. Its only small (I don’t have a lot of time), there should be more coming this weekend.

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