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Take Timed Lapsed Screen Shots From Terminal 3


Take Timed Lapsed Screen Shots From Terminal

I quite like time lapse movies. They are a cool way of generating movies over a period of time. I wondered if it was possible if you could make such movies of your screen with Terminal. I know there are various applications out there, but they cost money and are not as fun as doing it yourself. I want to create a very simple script in Terminal that would take a picture of my screen every n seconds. That way I could import those images and create a time lapse movie of my progress. It turns out, after a bit of trial and error, a simple script could be made and the results are very good. Since it is a script you can modify the code to your suiting and adjust it as you see fit.

PixelCity – A Beautiful Night Time Screen Saver 2


PixelCity – A Beautiful Night Time Screen Saver

I was having my usual search over the Internet when I cam across this rather cool screen saver. I don’t usually post screen saver links, I find the majority a bit tacky, however this one kind of threw me on how it works and the core code behind it (i’m a bit of a geek like that). So I downloaded, had a play around with the settings and found I had a new screen saver to add to my collection. In essence this screen saver will automatically generate a night time city scene and will fly through it as you screen saver runs. Something different to show to your friends or family.

Pause An App Using Terminal 3


Pause An App Using Terminal

This will be the first post back in what seems like a year. Due to the amount of work Uni piles on you I had to cut back the amount I could write on this site. Anyway I have a cool post to kick off the holidays and I should be able to write every day till at least February. As the title implies this post is all about pausing an application using Terminal. If you have an app that is running that you want to give up its CPU time but not quit the app, this trick may come in handy. It takes a little bit of work to figure out what is happening, but it is really useful.

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