PixelCity – A Beautiful Night Time Screen Saver 2


PixelCity – A Beautiful Night Time Screen Saver


I was having my usual search over the Internet when I cam across this rather cool screen saver. I don’t usually post screen saver links, I find the majority a bit tacky, however this one kind of threw me on how it works and the core code behind it (i’m a bit of a geek like that). So I downloaded, had a play around with the settings and found I had a new screen saver to add to my collection. In essence this screen saver will automatically generate a night time city scene and will fly through it as you screen saver runs. Something different to show to your friends or family.

The screen saver is called PixelCity, originally a Windows screen saver some clever dude ported it over to Mac. Every time you run the screen saver a new and different site is produced. You will then fly through the scene for a minute or two before a second city is shown. Take a look at the image below for more information.


The screen saver uses about 5% CPU time on my dual core MacBook Pro, which is slightly more than the average screen saver you find (however I have seen some using a lot more). You can change a couple of settings to reduce or increase this usage. Within the options for the screen saver you can put the view into a letterbox mode, this chops off the top and bottom and reduces the amount of picture that needs to be rendered. You can also make the screen saver “flat”, this removes the textures and simply applies a colour to the front face, it does look rubbish.

You can increase the effects of the screen saver, which in turn uses more CPU time, you can add Bloom, which makes the windows have a glow. Fog and sky, which is pretty self explanatory, or Wireframe, which adds a simple white line around the buildings. The latter option slows my computer down and doesn’t look that pleasing.

There is plenty of settings to play with. I like watching this screen saver so I might use it for a while, before another one comes long which takes my fancy.

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