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Working With The Date Function In Terminal 2


Working With The Date Function In Terminal

Yesterday I wrote a post on the calendar function in Terminal, its designed as a two part series, with the second part being about the date function. I found in bash scripts the two functions sort of work hand in hand. This post is going to show you some of the main features of the date function. The date function is more versatile in that you can easily pick out the piece of information you want, the week of the year, day of the year etc, the calendar function is more graphical. The date function can be used to set the date in your Mac, however I will not be going into this today as I prefer to use System Preferences (to find out more about setting the date use the man help page).

Working With The Calendar Function In Terminal 0


Working With The Calendar Function In Terminal

Today and tomorrows post will be a two part mini-series on the date and calendar function within Terminal on your Mac. If you are ever into scripting or working with GeekTool (I have an old post about GeekTool here) it may be very useful to learn how to work with the calendar function in various scripts or what ever you decide to use it with. The calendar function is very useful for producing graphical representations (in text) of any month of any year. Tomorrows post will feature the date function which complements the calendar function nicely. The commands talked about in post can be found (along with more commands) in a variety of books such as Mac OS X Toolbox. Any basic Unix book will feature these basic commands.

Add Text To Your Login Screen 8


Add Text To Your Login Screen

Today’s post is all about adding a welcome message to your login screen. Most of the time it displays a list of users and options to restart, shut down or log into your Mac. This string of text can be very useful if you have a fear of your Mac getting stolen or mixed up with other Mac’s. The string is short but can be used to display a useful bit of information. This post took me about 15 minutes to research and put together, and about an hour to try and grab a screen shot of the screen in action (I never found a working solution).

Converting Windows Docx Files To Doc 11


Converting Windows Docx Files To Doc

With a variety of formats for practically everything imaginable, we will at some point get a clash where one newer format will not work with an older app. In Microsoft’s infinite wisdom they have decided to release a docx format super seeding and as a result not making it work on the old but widely used version of word. Since I am a student, as a result broke, I can’t afford to upgrade to the latest version. I only use it for writing reports and reading files people send me. I then went out on a web hunt for an app or web website that could convert my files from docx to doc format. There is many out there, with some that need a payment of some kind, I eventually found a good app. It’s on the Windows site of all places, and can convert docx, pptx and xlsx files.

Track Your Mouse Movements – MousePath 0


Track Your Mouse Movements – MousePath

Todays app is a rather fun and quite interesting to use. It has risen up and been developed initially from finding it on reddit and various other websites including Flickr. This app is rather simple. Every time you move your mouse it will draw a black line on a white canvas within the app. This sounds a bit boring (on its own it is). However when combined with the thousands of different movements it shows a good representation of what you do day to day. Its great if you do a specific task as you can clearly see where you click on a regular basis. If you are smart enough you can probably use it to make peoples lives easier when using your app.

SnowTape – Feel The Power Of The Radio 2


SnowTape – Feel The Power Of The Radio

Today there is going to be an app review of Snowtape, the developers bought an advert (in the sidebar) so I decided to try the app out and see what it was all about. In a nut shell it is an application for listening to practically any radio station that is on theInternet . It also goes a bit further than that and it allows you to capture and edit sound bits and songs for personal use. As with any Mac application of this quality it is easy to use, well built and looks beautiful. I’m going to review the main features of the application.

Copying Files – Error Code 0 11


Copying Files – Error Code 0

While moving some large files around the other day I came across a rather funny code that got me confused for quite a while. Every time I tried to copy the file it would throw up an error box saying the file can’t be copied, an “unexpected error hasoccurred , code 0”. The solution was decisively simple and very easy to overcome. Its due to the FAT32 partitioning system I was copying to. This post is going to explain how you can get around it.

App Review – Chronicle – Bill Tracking 6


App Review – Chronicle – Bill Tracking

I haven’t done an application review in a while, so I decided for a little change. In today’s credit crunch climate it can be important to keep track of your bills and payments. Today’s application, Chronicle, does just that. Its a simple and easy to use application that is designed to track the bills you pay. It designed to log all of the bills you pay in a month and give you a lot of feedback from them. It is a very useful way to track your daily bills and hopefully reduce them.

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