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App Review – Chronicle – Bill Tracking


I haven’t done an application review in a while, so I decided for a little change. In today’s credit crunch climate it can be important to keep track of your bills and payments. Today’s application, Chronicle, does just that. Its a simple and easy to use application that is designed to track the bills you pay. It designed to log all of the bills you pay in a month and give you a lot of feedback from them. It is a very useful way to track your daily bills and hopefully reduce them.

The application is split up into two main areas. The main, overview, screen contains your main bill payments. For example if you have a credit card bill that you pay every month you can enter a credit card bill entry into the application. Its a way of having a glance at the monthly bills that you pay. The app gives you plenty of small statistics such as the amount you have spent. The overview screen is good for adding regular payments and one off bills. It has plenty of options to show you when your bills are due so you don’t have a late payment.

chronicle main page

Within a selected bill there is a lot of options in tracking your payments. From the initial set up of the bill you can set due dates, when a bill has to be repaid plus links to websites where you can pay the specified bill, if it has an online option. Every time you have paid a bill you can add it to Chronicle. Overtime it will produce graphs and statistics for the bill in question.

Bill close up

There are plenty of small features included in the app. For example there is options to set up goals to track your progress, add icons to quickly find bills, as well as options to sort the bills in the window. Chronicle also interfaces with iCal, so any bills that need to be paid in the future are added to the calendar to remind you of the upcoming due date.

The application runs blazing fast, adding a new bill, adding a payment and generally using the app is very good. Its the sort of application that you will use and invest time in as the months past. The app has a 30-day trial which is brilliant for using it in a real life trial. It is the sort of application that you will go back to every day and slowly add to it. Messing around with it for a day or two you don’t really get a feel using it.

Overall the app costs $20. I personally think it is worth it. Especially if you have plenty of bills and you want to see where you money is going. On the face of it the app is simple to use. As you use the application it becomes more and more useful. Try it out and see what you think.

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