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Converting Windows Docx Files To Doc


With a variety of formats for practically everything imaginable, we will at some point get a clash where one newer format will not work with an older app. In Microsoft’s infinite wisdom they have decided to release a docx format super seeding and as a result not making it work on the old but widely used version of word. Since I am a student, and as a result broke, I can’t afford to upgrade to the latest version. I only use it for writing reports and reading files people send me. I then went out on a web hunt for an app or web website that could convert my files from docx to doc format. There is many out there, with some that need a payment of some kind, I eventually found a good app. It’s on the Windows site of all places, and can convert docx, pptx and xlsx files.

To download the application head over to the Mactopia website, its Microsoft Mac portal. The website is set up a bit funny and the direct download links are a little difficult to post. The app is located under Additional Tools > Open XML File Format Converter for Mac 1.1.3 > Download. The link is located at the bottom. Install the app, once it has been downloaded, using the installation package.

The app is pretty well designed. You have the choice of either converting one file, or if you have a big file list many files at a time. Adding files to the app is either a simple drag and drop onto the drop box, or using the add tool in the toolbar. Converting files takes a minute or two depending on the file size.

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I’ve tested the app with a docx file and the results are pretty good. There doesn’t seem any visible differences in the converted file. I assume more complex and documents is new features will be omitted. Excel and Powerpoint files probably have the same results.

For something Microsoft created (and credit to them) its a good app. I now don’t have to spend 10 minutes finding an online converter to work with my files. If you have any comments, please leave one below I would like to hear what you think.

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