Deleting Custom Made Services 0


Deleting Custom Made Services


Over the past week I have mentioned two posts about Service menus which you can make yourself, adding iTunes media and Fast User Switching, both of these Service menu options put themselves in a special folder. If you end up making a lot of Service menu apps this list can get cluttered and you may want to trim it down. Removing Services is very simple.

The first option is to find the required folder, this is located under /Users/[name]/Library/Services this folder will contain all of the work flows which you have created in Automator. To remove them, simply delete the file. Give you computer a couple of seconds to minutes for it to update and the option will be gone from your Services menu.

To get any Service menu options back, simply drag the workflow back into the folder and it should be restored. This folder can also be used to place work flows which you have downloaded from the net and don’t come with any instructions on how to install them. I have a sneaking suspicion (which I haven’t tested) that you can put ordinary workflows into the folder. How ever that is something for you to test out if you are bored on afternoon.

Only a simple post today, however with the increasing numbers of Service menu options which you can create, its useful to know how to delete them. If you want to know more about the Service menu, either search my site using the search menu in the top right or take a look at the many books on offer, The Missing Manual and Snow Leopard Pocket Guide are good if you want to learn more from a book.

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