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Maximise iTunes (The Little Green Button)


After playing around with iTunes for a bit, I suddenly realised that the little green button which you use to maximise and application doesn’t work as it would intend to. Instead it changes iTunes to the mini-player. You can normally maximise iTunes by pressing Alt and then clicking on the green button, however this is one extra button and I am not prepared to press that button in my day to day activities, I am busy enough as it is. So I found a quick Terminal preference command which allows you to change this function. In hindsight it took me longer to find the command than it would have to keep pressing Alt.

To change iTunes green button function from switching to mini player to maximising iTunes type the following into Terminal. Terminal is found under Applications > Utilities.

defaults write zoom-to-window -bool YES

Restart iTunes if you don’t already have it closed. The function of the green button should have changed. You can now maximise iTunes by pressing the maximise button. If you want to switch the mini player, press Alt plus the green button. The roles have changed.

If you want to reverse the functions back to the original preferences type the following into Terminal.

defaults write zoom-to-window -bool NO

Restart iTunes if needed.

A quick little tip, however one that I find very useful.

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